So, you’re a yogi. Doesn’t matter how religious you are to your practice, many people cycle back to their old, unhealthy habits. Like most humans, you are overworked, stressed out and run down. You resort to self-medicating with substances like sugar, alcohol or marijuana.

While a strong yoga practice will help you reach a new level of health, in order to sustain it, you need to focus on your well-being off the mat. Here’s how:

1. Get restful sleep.

A complete, undisturbed sleep cycle will keep your mind sharp and your body energized. To wake up every day feeling great, shut off your cellphone and avoid screens after you finish dinner. Make it a point to not engage in thought-provoking or emotionally-charged conversations, since a passionate argument or deeply meaningful discussion will set your mind into a tailspin. It’s difficult to sleep when you are stressed out and analyzing your thoughts. Instead, try to spend time with those you love. Go for a walk, clean the house or play games at night. Keep it light-hearted and positive. Make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark and set to a comfortable temperature to sleep.

2. Balance your workouts.

While yoga is one of the best ways to open and strengthen your body while avoiding injury, it shouldn’t be the only exercise you do. Make sure you do workouts that strengthen or harden your body in addition to those that open and soften it. If you only stretch or practice restorative yoga, you will lose some of the muscle that’s so important as you age. Incorporate some basic strength training such as bodyweight exercises like burpees, pushups, planks and core work. Simple weight training is also a great way to maintain strength.

3. Eat a plant-based diet.

You do not have to be a vegan or even a vegetarian in order to be a yogi. But it’s important to eat nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Eat a variety of vegetables – ideally those that are grown locally. One way to include more plants in your meals is to prepare a different salad each week for dinner. This way you are sure to get more vegetables in your diet and to save yourself the hassle of deciding what to make. Eating more plants will make you feel vibrant and energized.

4. Always have a backup plan.

No one is perfect. So if you need a night out to drink with your friends, or spend the evening in the tub with a bottle of champaign, be prepared. Alcohol leaches away vital minerals and vitamins from your body. If you don’t replenish them quickly, you are bound to feel ill. Luckily there is a product called the Sly Fox Hangover Patch that easily and steadily replenish those vitamins and keeps your body in balance. Check out this cool product being sold on Etsy.



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