Don’t get me wrong, but I loved my wedding. What I didn’t love…was my mother-in-law. Your wedding can be the best – or worst – night of your life, but there’s always that one guest (or more) who turn a lovely event into a nightmare.

No, my mother-in-law didn’t wear her wedding dress to my wedding, fight my sister for the bouquet or sleep my husband, again (long story, sigh). But it turns out, tequila and my mother-in-law don’t mix. At all.

The wedding was fine and beautiful and the dinner was delicious, even if it was vegetarian, and the reception started just fine with the DJ playing the typical wedding dance songs:

AC/DC – Highway To Hell

Adele – Hello

Aerosmith – Dude Looks Like a Lady

Black Eyed Peas – My Humps

Bon Jovi – You Give Love A Bad Name

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man




The night started to go off the rails when my dear brother brought out the Patron Silver. FYI, when the tequila comes out, our Sly Fox Hangover Patches automatically go on. I’ve learned my lesson to never leave home without them. I was even in the sharing mood and popped one onto my mother-in-law.

Two hours later my mother-in-law is up on a table with her dress over her head and her flaming pink thong visible to our guests, the band and even the priest. The night ended with the punch table tablecloth on fire from cigar ash, my cousin passing out in the parking lot and my maid of honor pregnant (long story, sigh).

Two days later I got a knock on the door and my mother-in-law appeared with a remorseful look and a sincere apology.  She was so mortified that she bought me and my husband a trip to Hawaii. Apology accepted!



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